ELSA Microlink ISDN USB does not run in Linux!

What is the problem?
The ISDN-Adapter ELSA Microlink ISDN USB is not supportet in Linux. So it's impossible for owners of this device to use the Internet in Linux.

What does ELSA say?
They don't care about it. They don't develop any Linux-drivers at all. I wrote several eMails to them.
They even don't want to give out any specification about the device to help the linux-community to write a driver.

Is there any driver in development?
Not that I know.

I read somewhere that it's possible to use this device like a serial TA.
That is NOT true. It was a mistake from Karsten Keil. He wrote this in the ISDN4Linux-Mailinglist.
His original (wrong) Mail
His Mail telling that it was wrong
Sadly, this wrong information found it's way into some docs. If you find this information, inform the people that it's wrong.

Is there any possibility to write a driver without ELSAs help?
It might be possible to monitor the device in Windows-environment, but it's not very easy.
There is a tool called USB Snoopy and here are some logfiles:
conn.log & disc.log -> only connection/only disconnection
download.zip -> i already was connected and start a download with flasget and file was splitted in 10 parts.

This page should be a place to provide all information about the issue and maybe to find someone who is willing to write a driver.
There are quite a lot of people waiting for the driver and would like to be beta-testers and provide help.

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Linux USB Device Overview
USB Snoopy

Hanno Böck
Last Update: 18.05.2005