Linux on a HP (Hewlett Packard) OmniBook 5500CS

I got this really old laptop (Pentium 100) and played around what I could do with it. DeLi Linux seems to be the distribution of choice for such a device.

Works out of the box
Works with extra effort
Works partly
Does not work at all
Not tested

BIOS Update HP provides the BIOS as a self-extracting ZIP file, which can be unpacked with unzip. Inside you'll find a tool called COPYDISK.EXE and a BIOS.IMG file. Now this BIOS.IMG basically is just a disc image from a floppy, except it has a 32 byte header before the real image. So some dd-magic will do it:
dd if=BIOS.IMG of=MYBIOS.IMG bs=1 skip=32
Or write it directly to a floppy:
dd if=BIOS.IMG of=/dev/fd0 bs=1 skip=32
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PCMCIAThese commands will do it:
modprobe pcmcia_core
modprobe i82365
modprobe ds

Hanno Böck

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