X1 Carbon

Linux on a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon 2014 (20A7)

I'm collecting notes related to this laptop, mostly regarding Linux support. I am running Gentoo Linux, but the information should be distribution agnostic.


Works out of the box
Works with extra effort
Works partly
Does not work at all
Not tested

BIOS Update BIOS update CD/ISO-image
BIOS-Update for Windows
This laptop has no CD drive. If you have a dual boot system with Windows you can update there. If you have an external CD use that. Writing the BIOS update ISO to a USB stick is possible with these instructions and the geteltorito perl script.
Please note that the BIOS update 1.17 fixes security vulnerabilities CVE-2014-4859 and CVE-2014-4860.
Hard diskLenovo mentions problems with earlier firmware versions of the HD and has a firmware update tool (Windows only). smartctl -a /dev/sda can show you the firmware version. In my system the SSD is called MZNTD512HAGL-000L1 and the current firmware version is DXT24L0Q.
CPU CFLAGS gcc option -march=corei7-avx optimizes for the CPU.
Touchpad Xorg synaptics driver 1.8 got better support for the touchpad.
The current driver uses a deprecated PS/2 interface, it'd be better to RMI4 interface however it seems this is not ready yet.
GPU/Backlight The xf86-video-intel driver is lately in really bad shape, so it is recommended to use xf86-video-modesetting instead.
However the modesetting driver does not support controlling the backlight yet. There's a perl script called ybacklight that uses an alternative sysfs interface and works with the modesetting driver. Alternatively there's cbacklight written in Python 3.

More info

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Hanno Böck